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Scrambled eggs

Fried Gold

Not to be confused with ‘Scotch eggs,’ these are an easy way to snack on hot and crunchy gold nuggets!   1- Follow instructions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’ – peel and keep in cool water. 2- Dunk in scrambled egg (use the Goose to scramble if you like). 3- Roll in and coat with […]


Mushroom, Onion, and Feta Omlette

Ingredients & Instructions Ingredients: 2 tsp olive oil 1/2 cup baby bella mushrooms, sliced thin or chopped 1/4 cup onions, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tbsp cilantro 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning 1 sprig fresh thyme sprig (or 1/4 tsp dried, crushed in fingers) pinch red chili powder 3 eggs – goldenized with the kitchen […]

Golden Egg

Fried Egg

< Go Back I got tired of peeling so I scooped one out and fried it in olive oil and it was good with kechup. -Brendan

Scramble eggs inside the shell

Gold Nugget Sandwich

This should make enough Golden egg salad for about 2-3 sandwiches. Try toasting and buttering the bread for indulgence!   1- Follow instructions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’. 2- Quarter-slice the Golden eggs, then cut them into little pieces. 3- Add eggs and ingredients to a bowl and mix together (don’t add garnish yet). 4- […]

Egg Salad

Chef Salad

No use over-complicating it. Just add Golden Eggs to any salad, ‘Chef’ or otherwise…   1- Follow instructions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’. 2- Peel and slice over a salad. 3- Blah blah blah… 4- Buttermilk Ranch dressing is recommended. < Go Back

Grill gadgets

Grillin’ Egg

Spin some eggs, brush on oil, put the eggs on the grill. Set the grill to the lowest flame setting and close the lid for 10 minutes. Open periodically to control the heat so they don’t explode or crack before they are cooked. It’s ok if they crack after the meat is cooked a bit […]

Scramble Eggs Inside

Golden Deviled Eggs

Or for a slightly less nefarious-sounding introduction: Golden Deviled Eggs… This is a great way to add color to a typical Deviled egg platter (Try 6 Regular Eggs + 6 Golden Eggs).   1- Follow instructions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’ – Cook 6 ‘Golden’ + 6 Regular eggs, then cut all 12 eggs in […]

Make Golden Eggs

Soft Boiled ‘Goose Pate’

To make soft, or medium-boiled eggs, simply follow the instructions for ‘Hard Boiled Golden Eggs’, but let them stand in hot water for less time. 0- If you become frustrated with peeling the ‘perfect’ Golden Egg, or just don’t want to take the time…Try a recipe that doesn’t rely on the visual appearance of a […]